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DMIO, Direct Marketing Information Online offerts email broadcast service to the list industry. Now you can instantly promote your managed lists (via email) to a universe of 3800 list brokers and direct marketing list buyers interested in receiving current information on your lists.

This is a fast, easy and cost effective way to announce new lists to the market, lists under new management and updates on your existing lists. Your promotion will reach the most motivated media buyers, list brokers and direct marketing professionals in the industry today.

Largest database of list brokers - Each email broadcast reaches the most important contacts you can make in the Direct Marketing Industry. More than 3800 list brokers and direct marketing professionals are guaranteed to receive your promotion.

State-of-the-art formatting - We can send your datacards in HTML and/or plain text with an attachment. When sent out as HTML your message is also automatically sent out as plain text for recipients not capable of receiving HTML email..

Add an attachment - Add your datacard as an attachment (via link) in the most popular formats such as Word (.doc), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or HTML - at no extra charge.

Updated daily - Our database is updated daily to offer you the most accurate email addresses of listbrokers and direct marketing professionals in the US & Europe. Each recipient changed, added or removed from our dbase is also confirmed by a person to assure the highest possible accuracy and delivery rates.

Best prices - Our rate is only $250.00 per email broadcast and each email broadcast is guaranteed to reach over 3800 list brokers and direct marketing professionals.
No extra charges or hidden fees and no need to pay upfront; we will invoice you on a 30 day net basis.

Our top-notch database/graphic professionals are always available to personally discuss your project.

Transmit Setup:
1. Contact us to schedule your transmit date


2. Submit your advertising copy a minimum of 5 working days in advance of your scheduled transmit date.

3. We will then prepare the transmit and confirm your transmission dates.


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