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List below has not been updated recently, but it gives you an over view of companies that were on the list. Some of them have changed ownership etc. If you would like to include your company name on this list please let us know.


Your promotional piece will be transmitted to list brokers and direct marketing professionals in the following companies:


24/7 Media
360 Group


A & E Mailers
A & M Direct Mail Svc
Adco Printing & Mailing
A L C of New York
A Letter Svc
A M Mail Plus
A Mail'n List Co 4U
A Mailing & Printing
A W Direct
A-Aacurate Sales
A-B Data Ltd
A-Z Marketing Services
A.H. Direct Marketing
AAA Mail Mktg. Systems
Abacus Direct
About Mail
Abr Assoc Inc
Academy Address & Mailing
Accessible Data Svc
Accommodata Inc
Accudata America
Accurate Business Service
Accutrend Corp
Ace Mailing Svc
Act One Mailing List Svc Inc
Action In Mailing
Action Lists
Action Markets & Decision Mkrs
Acton Direct
Acu Comm Inc
Ad-vantage Marketing
Address N' Mail
Addressing Your Needs Inc
Adrea Rubin Marketing
Advanced Mail Inc
Advanced Mailing Svc
Advanstar Communications
Advantage List & Marketing Corp.
Advantage Mailing Svc
Advertising Mailers Inc
Advo Inc
Aggressive List Management
Aldata List Company
Aldinger Direct Mail Advg Inc
All Direct Mail Svc
All Media, Inc.
Allied Marketing Group Inc
Allstar Computer Mailing Svc
Altman Direct Marketing
AM-Pro Mailing List
American Church Lists
American Clearing House
American Computer Group
American Direct Marketing
American Express Direct Mktg
American List Co
American Mailers
American Mailing & Marketing
American Name Services
Americomm Direct Marketing Inc
Anchor Computer Inc
Andrick & Assoc Inc
Anthony Kane & Assoc
Apex Computer & Mailing Svc
Applied Information Group Inc
Applied List Management
Art Rushing Group
Associated Computers Inc
Atlanta Business Circulators
Atlanta Data Corp
Atlantic List Company
Automated Direct Mail
Automated Mailing & Printing
Avrick Direct Inc


Baker Advertising & Mailing
Bakersfield Envelope
Bangor Letter Shop
Banyan Printing Ctr
Beach List Services Inc
Beard Publishing & Printing
Bernice Bush Company
Best Mailing Svc Inc
Best Marketing Inc
Bethesda List Center Inc.
Better Lists Inc
Big Fish
Big Foot
Bleich & White Mailing Svc Inc
Bluewater Group
Brann Media
Burnett Direct Inc
Business Development Lists
Business Wise Inc
Byrum & Fleming


Caldwell List Co
Campbell List Consulting
Capstone Lists Inc
Carney Direct Marketing
Catalog Corp
Catalyst Direct Inc
Catalyst Direct Marketing
Central Letter Shop Inc
Chaparral Graphics
Chessie Lists Inc
Claritas Inc
Clark Mackain
Client Logic
Cole Information Serv
Colorado Data Mail
Complete Mailing Svc
Computdata List Marketing
Computerized Data Systems Inc
Concept One List Brokers
Connected Brands
Conrad Direct Inc
Consolidated Mailing Corp
Contact Marketing
Convenient Name Bank
Cornwell Data Svc Inc
Crandall Assocs. Inc.
Creative Access
Credit Index


D J Associates Inc
Database Marketing Solutions Inc
Datamark List
Dimac Direct
Direct Communications Corp
Direct Data Design Inc
Direct Graphics
Direct Impression Bus Serv
Direct Marketing Concepts
Direct Marketing Response
Direct Media
Direct Media/Acxiom (CA)
Direct Media/Acxiom (CT)
Direct Response List
Direct Response Marketing Inc
Direct Response Services
Dirmark / DMS, Inc.
Diversified Data Svc
DMS Mail Management
Donnelley Direct
Donnelley Marketing(CT)
Double Click
Doug Ross Communications
Dresden Direct Inc
DS Direct Communications
Dun & Bradstreet Info Svc
Dunhill Intl List Co Inc
Dyna Quest Mang. Inc


E-Post Direct
E2 Communications
Early Express Mail Svc
Ed's Printing Co
Edith Roman
Enterprise MarketingSolutions
Epost Direct
Equifax/Direct Marketing Solutions
EquifaxCredit Info. Serv.
ERS Media Services, Inc.
ESP Printing & Mailing Inc
Estee Marketing Group
Ethnic Technologies
Executive Marketing Servic
Executive Type Inc


Fairfield Marketing Group Inc
Farm Market Id
Federal Business Products
Financial Marketing Inc
First American Printing
First Class Direct Inc

FMP Direct Marketing GroupFocalex Inc
Focus Usa
Forbes Direct Response
Foremost Direct
Fotorecord Print Ctr
Fp Horak
Franklin Press Inc
Fred Woolf List Co Inc


G & H Mail Svc Inc
G A Wright Inc
G G Direct
G. Neil Company
Gaines Stanley
Gallery Advertising/mailing
Gallery Marketing
Garden State Direct Mail
GBSI Information Svc
George Mann Assoc
Gibralter Marketing Ltd.
Global Ad Net
Gnames Advantage
Go Direct Mailing Svc Inc
Goldenrod Printing Inc
Graphics & Mailing Svc Inc
Great Lakes Fulfillment
Great Lakes List Managem
Great Lists
Great Valley Mills
Greatlists Com
Grizzard Advertising
Grizzard Marketing
Guarantee Mailing Svc
Guild Co


H & H Mailing Co
Hanover Direct Inc
Harte-Hanks Data Tech
Healthcare Dialogue
High Cotton Direct Marketing
Hippo Direct
Homedata Corp
Homeowner Data Svc Inc
Homeowners Marketing Svcs
Hugo Dunhill Mailing Lists
Hummel Distributing Corp


IC Direct List Brokers
IDG List Services
ILS Business Svc
Imprint-kopy King
Infinite Media
Info Direct, Inc.
Infocore Inc
Infodirect Inc
Infomat Incorporated
Infonation Inc
Information Marketing Svcs
Information Register
Inside Prospects Northwest
International Advisors Inc.
International Business Lists
International Direct Response
International Mailing Svc
International Mailing Systems


J F Direct Marketing
J M Perrone Co
J R Direct Response International
J. F. Glaser
Janus Group Inc.
Jarrett-Aim Communications
Jart Direct Mail
Jerome Group
John J. Caramanico Assoc. Ltd.
John Klein & Assoc Inc


Kaller's America Gallery
Kaye's Printing Inc
Kona Designs
Kramers Metro Mailing Svc
Kroll Direct Marketing


L.I.S.T. Incorporated
Lacy & Par Co
Lawrence Graphic Mail Systems
Leader Newspapers Inc
Learning Tree University
Legg Mason
Leon Henry Inc
Letter Box Inc
Letter Perfect Word Processing
Liberty Diversified Inc
Lifestyle Change Communication
Lighthouse List Co
List Advisor Inc
List America
List Connection
List Emporium Inc
List Inc
List Locators & Managers
List Logic
List Management Services
List Marketing
List Mart Inc
List Resources
List Services Corporation
List Strategies
List Technology Systems Gr
Lists Unlimited Inc
Listworks Inc.
Lithographic Communications
Lloyd James List Broking Service
Lloyd Schuh Co
Loring Direct
Lortz Direct Marketing, Inc.
Low Country Target Mailing Inc


M.I.T. Specialist, Inc.
McCarthy Media Group, Inc.
Macro Mail
Macromark, Inc.
Madison Direct Marketing
Magellan Home Data Corp
Mail Advertising Systems Inc
Mail Box Inc
Mail Comm Inc
Mail Communications
Mail Concepts Inc
Mail Enterprises Inc
Mail Man Inc
Mail Management Group Inc
Mail Management Svc
Mail Marketing Inc
Mail Marketing, Inc.
Mail Northwest
Mail Pros
Mail Right
Mail Room Commercial
Mail Sort
Mail Source
Mailfast-Complete Mailing Svc
Mailing Lists, Inc.
Mailsouth Inc
Mal Dunn Associates
Market Data Rerieval
Market Data Retrieval
Market Touch
Marketing / Media Dynamics
Marketing Direct Assoc Inc
Marketing Economics Inc.
Marketing Group Ltd
Marketing List Professionals
Marketing List Services
Marketing Services (MSGI)
Marketry Inc
Mary Elizabeth Granger & A
Mascor Publishing
Matt Brown & Assoc Inc
Mcnichols Group Inc
Media Horizons, Inc (MHI)
Media Management
Media Mart
Media Resource Group Inc
Merit Direct
Meta Response Group
Metamorphics Media Llc
Metro Mailing Svc
MGI Lists
Mid-America Lists
Midwest Direct Marketing Inc
Millard Group Inc
Mindshare Communications
Minuteman Press
Mokrynski & Assoc Inc
Moore Response Marketing

MSGi Direct/Philadelphia
MSI List Marketing
MTD Marketing


Name Bank International
Name Finders Lists Inc
NameBank International
Names & Addresses Inc
Names In The Mail
Names In The News California
Names In The News/Lake Group
Nashua Label Products
National List Exchange
Navarone Mailing Svc
Ncri List Management
New Century Co.
New Channel Direct
New Horizans Trust
Newtech Direct
Nextmark Inc
North Coast Mailing Svc
Novus Marketing
NRL Direct
NTS Data Svc
Nyberg Solutions


Offsite Mail Room
Omega List Company
Omni Sort Intl
O'Neill Marketing Co.
Opt2 Mail
Optin Inc.
Osha Data
Ozark Mailing Svc


P J Green Advertising Svc
Pacific Link Corp
Pacific Lists
Page Mailing Service
Panhandle Presort Svc
Paradigm Direct
Paradigm Interactive
Paradysz & Matera & Company
Paramount Lists
Partners Marketing Inc
PCs Mailing List Company
PIP Printing
PMM Marketing, Inc.
Political Resources
Pomp, Inc.
Postage Savers Inc
Postal Center Intl Inc
Postal Mail-sort Inc
Postal Presort Advantage
Postmark Direct Mail Services
Postmark Ink
Preferred Lists
Print Mail Of Maine
Professional Mail
Profile America
Pronto Post Inc
Prospects To Go


Quality Education Data
Quality Letter Svc
Quantum Mailing
Quick Quality Printing


Rapp Collins Worldwide
Realty Nexus
Reed Harris Inc
RespoDex Marketing Inc
Response Data
Response Mail Express
Response Media Products
Response Unlimited
Rich List Co
Rickard List Marketing
RMI Direct Marketing, Inc.
Roadrunner Mailing Svc
Rubin Response Services Inc(IL)
Ruf Strategic Solutions


Service Mailers Inc
Sharon Commercial Printing
SK & A Information Srvs. Inc.
Smart Target Mktg
Smart-Mail Business Mail Ctr
Sorkins Directories Inc
Specialized Marketing Inc
Standard Printing
Starbright Direct
Statlistics Inc
Stephen Winchell Assoc
Stevens Publishing
Stonebury Group
Strategic Direct
Street & Assoc Direct Mail
Super Mail Inc
Survey Sampling Inc


T.C.I. Direct
Target Direct
Technology Business Research
Teikoku Databank America I
Tension Envelope Corp
That Listlady
The Catamount Group
The Hacker Group
The Hibbert Group
The Information Refinery
The J Partnership
The List Group
The Listworks Corp
The Marketing Place
The Roper Group
The Services Group
Thomas Lee Printing & Mailing
TNT All Line Insurance
TNT Bulk Mailing Svc
TMA List Brokerage & Mgmt.
Topp Direct Marketing
Total Response
Traffix Inc.
TriMax Direct
Triangle Marketing Services, Inc.
Trinity Direct
Tuar Grimbac Inc
Turner Marketing


U S A Pubs
U S Press & Graphics
United Mailing
Upscale Mail


Valerie Davis & Associates
Venture Communications Inter
Venture Direct Worldwide
Viking Fibres Inc
Vision Marketing Inc


W S Ponton Inc
Washington Lists Inc
Weber Marketing Group
Weekley's Mailing Svc Inc
Western Mailing Lists
Westwind Direct
Wild West
Wild West Mail
Wilson Marketing Group Inc
World Class Mailings
World Data
World Innovators Inc
Worldwide List Search


Youngstown Letter Shop


Zed Marketing Group
Zimmerman & Partners Advrtsng
Zip Direct Inc
Zip Mailing Co

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